KTSCHNG – Augmented Reality App

ktschng is an Augmented Reality (AR) meta app offering to the user an easy download of existing augmented reality applications of companies or corporations within one single
platform (ktschng.com).

The ktschng Meta Augmented Reality APP supports the users in their everyday life, while shopping, travelling or in museums. Through a state-of-the-art image recognition process (cloud picture recognition database), linked to an intelligent database, qualitative metadata are obtained and links are created. Companies use the ktschng software and meta app as leverage, for tracking and for marketing purposes.

The central core is the KTSCHNG AR META APP, which makes products, offers and information visible through its own image tracking process and enables an easy use of existing augmented reality applications of companies, brands and products with a low download volume for the user. ktschng is the interface between the digital world, everyday life, supermarket, tourism, museum, public space and point of sale.

The intelligent ktschng database (learning machine, AI), the end-user marketing, directed targeting and prediction assumptions create leverage effects in the B2B area. Its innovative feature is that there is no visible optical code (eg. a QR-Code or a bar code) used to identify the product, since with the KTSCHNG AR META APP, a clear photo, logo or video will suffice to indicate that more information is contained therein. As such, it represents a USP that is unique in the world. Augmented reality is generated by displaying product related information in the APP as soon as the smartphone is held over the respective product.

Currently, there is no technical tool offering an easy download of existing augmented reality (AR) applications on one single platform to the end user. Through a first-class image recognition process the KTSCHNG AR META APP enables it to experience products, services and logos and to make them purchasable directly via the mobile device. Brands and corporations already having augmented reality applications gain leverage effects through the KTSCHNG AR META APP.

The Money Like Button (Blockchain) creates an additional incentive. Blockchain technology enables the direct exchange with cryptocurrencies. In addition, the user receives ktschng coins, which can be used, in the medium term, in the blockchain for new services and participate in a new electronic ecosystem.

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