New Media Company is Driving Change

The Change You Want To See is a new media company that produces micro-documentaries about nonprofits for free, and then leverages the engagement on these micro-documentaries to generate donations for the nonprofit.

Their next campaign is leading up to #GivingTuesday, for human-I-T, a Long Beach, CA based nonprofit that transforms e-waste into opportunities by refurbishing unwanted technology and donating it to underserved communities in Los Angeles and beyond.

Abhi Sambari is an entrepreneur who is determined to show how successful business and doing good can and should go hand in hand. About a year ago, he founded his new media company, The Change You Want To See.

This company produces micro-documentaries for nonprofits and facilitates donations from viewers, all at no cost to the organizations. Each micro-doc is funded through partnerships with brands that are dedicated to the cause the featured nonprofit is tackling.

The Change You Want To See is the crucial link between these two entities, and uses the promotional video produced as a means to get the nonprofit’s message out to the public and elicit donations from its followers.

The Change You Want To See converts the funding from the partnering brands into crucial engagement and exposure for the nonprofits that allows them to continue their pursuit for positive change. In the last one year, they have created 14 micro-documentaries about nonprofits tackling issues such as climate change, education, access to technology, workforce development, homelessness, disabilities, immigration and animal welfare.

At its core, The Change You Want To See is on a mission to provide a platform for the heroic yet often unnoticed work being done in our communities. They achieve this through their engaging and shareable videos which help their featured organizations receive the funding they need to continue that work.

Abhi is a former software engineer turned entrepreneur, with the founding of his last video production company, Vercel, already under his belt. Spreading his beliefs of conscious capitalism and profits with a purpose is central to Abhi’s mission for The Change You Want To See. His experience in film production at Vercel has prepared him for the engaging storytelling that is central to The Change You Want To See.

Filmmaker Dillon Magrann-Wells is the Chief Creative Officer at The Change You Want To See, and also serves as the director, editor, and lead animator for the micro-documentaries. He has experience in music video production and his personal projects have been recognized by the Austin Film Festival.


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