Jerusalem: Global conference on Global Real Estate And Technology

PropTech360 is a premier networking summit in the heart of the StartUp Nation, which caters to the global real estate and technology market. It will take place on June 4th, 2019 in Jerusalem at The David Citadel Hotel.

The summit presents an opportunity for international proptech professionals and investors to gain exposure to the booming Israeli tech scene, while providing a platform for local start-ups, VC’s, and real estate professionals to gain access to the international proptech market.

Above all, PropTech360 is an exceptional opportunity to engage with customers, collaborate with international thought leaders, and build strategic partnerships.



Highlighst of the scheduled agendas are: Digitization of investment management and decision making, modular housing, BIM, 3D printing, IoT and, Robots and Asset Managers, ss machine learning and blockchain changing the role of asset managers?, from AI powered brokers to tokenized buildings or who are today’s trend setters, and who is successfully creating productive and profitable shopping experiences?


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