awraham: A New Social Media free of anti-Semitism to foster the Spirit of the Abraham Accords: A Network of GrassRoot for Business

On the 13th of August 2020 former US President Donald Trump announced the ‘Abraham Accords‘. An agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to fully normalize relations.

On September 15, 2020, the leaders of the UAE and Israel formally signed the historic accords at the White House.

As the spirit of Abraham spread, the Abraham Accords are spreading: Bahrain, Kosovo, Sudan, and Morocco. Under the umbrella of the USA state after state is following.

The Abraham Accords show a vision beyond just peace between Israel and the Arab-Muslim world. The spirit of the Abraham Accords can be a blueprint for the world.

The Abraham Accords have the potential to connect the three major eco-systems as a bond, a string of innovation and business: Silicon Wadi (Israel and the Abraham States), Silicon Valley and Blue Banana in Europe: The today’s modern, digital “bond”. 

The Abraham Accords have the strategic momentum to be a modern-day answer to the neo-colonial project of the “silk road” of the communist-autocratic regime of China, the islamistic ambitions of Iran to nuke the world into a dark age or the neo-imperialism of Russia. They have in common their fight against Human Rights, democracy, freedom and Jews.

However, there is a light: Today we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Abraham Accords and it’s spirit: Warm peace, economic prosperity, freedom, religious tolerance, and national stability, which the world is in dire need more than ever.

In good Jewish tradition the day begins in the evening and with tonight I want to present the media project ‘awraham’ on the “day” the Abraham Accords became a reality.

awraham – A Social Media without Datamining, but Free Speech

‘awraham’ will be a B2B, B2Sience, B2CivilSociety Social Media – free of anti-Semitism, free of ADs, datamining and 100% pro free speech – with daily news on business, innovation and sustainability from Silicon Wadi (Israel and the Abraham States), Silicon Valley and Blue Banana in Europe.

The Abraham Accords, a sliver of hope: the free market’s strategic response to the neo-imperialistic strategies of China, Russia and Iran.

Making thriving Business, awesome Innovations and profitable Sustainability in the spirit of the ‘Abraham Accords’: Connecting Israel, Abraham States, USA, EU&Great Britain…again!

Again, in the spirit of warm relationships, economic prosperity, freedom, religious tolerance, and national stability. That’s the claim of the social media project ‘awraham’, that’s spirit of the Abraham Accords.

A lot more can be said about the mediaproject ‘awraham’ like as an oleh or founder of a start-up get for one year the membership free.

Or the yearly given ‘awraham award’ for pree-seed start-ups voted by all members of ‘awraham’.

Advisory Board Against Anti-Semitism

Or that every member has to sign in to the IHRA Working-definition on anti-Semitism which will the overviewed by prominent persons, who have their boots in the fight against anti-Semitism fearless on the ground; be the grounds digital, analog or both.

Member of the Advisory Board Against Anti-Semitism of ‘awraham’ are: Malca Goldstein-Wolf, Emrah Erken and Benjamin Weinthal. More members will be named shortly and they all will be featured as developments of ‘awraham’ continue.

Free market economy, democracy and combat against anti-Semitism is the best way for creating just societies and conquering space as a new habitat for humankind.

Network of GrassRoot for Business

However, what should be not forgotten: The ‘Abraham Accords’ are more than just a diplomatic agreement between states: it’s grass-root, it’s people, it’s economy. awraham understands itself as a kind of ‘GrassRoot Network Media‘ for business, innovation and sustainability.

To connect people, individuals and business&enterprises you need social media with 100% free speech and with no room for anti-Semitism. The big social media today are major anti-semitic platforms. There are no platforms for business, innovation and sustainability.

Finally, to stay independent we seek as many members are possible right before the start. A public pree-seed. If you want, an independent social media free of anti-semitism to foster freedom and prosperity is possible. You have a choice now: awraham.

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