Handbook of German Business Organizations and Personalities.

Obtain a personalized, exclusivehandbook of German Business Organizations and Personalities.

Exklusive means, just 3 exemplars are produced and each is sold exclusively to one of three branches: Business, NGO&Foundations, and Government.

Personalization means you can decide to get one additional background article about one of the 16teen German federal states (Bundesländer) of your choice.

The handbook will contain a descriptive overview of German Business organizations and personalities, results of our questionnaire (where you can put at least three additional questions), a register, contact addresses (as far as possible), and various introductory remarks and overviews.


Client: Corporate, Government, NGO&Foundations Project Duration: ca 2 Months Costs: Subscription (till 31. August 2023): 200.000 NIS. After: 3000.000 NIS

Sign an NDA and an agreement that information in the handbook will not be made public or distributed to third parties.

Apply > vonnaftali@gmail.com

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*Travel&research expenses due to personalization not included.