Restitution: Research of The hushed-up story of one of the wealthiest Jewish Families: Robbed and Extinguished by the Nazis.

One of the richest Jewish families in the world was robbed of their entire fortune by the Nazis in the course of the so-called “Aryanization”.

Their fortune is estimated today at around 50 billion euros. The story of this family is still covered up to this day.

This project consists of two goals:

Goal 1. Documentation, processing and book version of this covered up and denied history.
Goal 2. Preparation of a document situation so that a restitution process can be started.

You can get an exposé of this project for 1,000 euros (non-refundable protection fee). Write to us about who you are and what motivates you to make this project a reality.

10% of the income from the successful realization of the project (goal 1) will be donated to a foundation for the financing of Yeshivas.

The remaining income will be used to continue or prepare and finance the restitution law suite. Further details can be found in the exposé.

Help establish justice.


Client: Corporate, Philanthrophy, NGO&Foundations

Project Duration: 1 Years

Costs: 10 slots a 14.000 Euro (140.000 Euro)

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