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Bilingual (Deutsch/English) Blog ‘VonNaftali‘ on Business, Innovation, Sustainability&CSR and Philosophy&Artificial Intelligence from Silicon Wadi (Israel&Abraham Accords), Silicon Valley (USA) and Blue Banana (Europe). ‘VonNaftali’ is a brand of Awraham Corps.

Research Report by ‘Regavim’: Vanishing Negev (Deutsch/English)

‘Regavim’ is a public NGO dedicated to the protection of Israel’s national resources and environment. The focus is with Israel’s most precious and scarce resources: land reserves, water, air quality, and more, according to Regavim words. Recently ‘Regavim’ was honored as ‘Man of the Year 5782‘ by the ‘Jewish Press’ The ‘Regavim’ Movement acts to … Continue reading Research Report by ‘Regavim’: Vanishing Negev (Deutsch/English)

Spirit of Abraham Accords: Call for ‘Emirati Tech Zoners’ to participate in Leadership Program T3

What is T3 and what is at stake? T3 is basically a leadership program. A group of 40 young promising execs from the Global Excel & Young Executive Forum, Israel and the UAE sharing their cultures and ecosystem knowledge in order to develop strong ties for future collaborations thanks to the Abraham Accords context. “We … Continue reading Spirit of Abraham Accords: Call for ‘Emirati Tech Zoners’ to participate in Leadership Program T3

Official Logo of Abraham Accords. (c) US Department of States > https://www.state.gov/the-abraham-accords/

Poll: Social Media & NewsOutlet on Abraham States & more (Deutsch / English)

The Abraham Accords became a reality under the US umbrella in August 2020 at the initiative of former US President Donald Trump. It can be said that the Abraham Accords is a success story, especially with regard to the bilateral relationship between Israel and the UAE. The trade volume grew by around 70% and 150 … Continue reading Poll: Social Media & NewsOutlet on Abraham States & more (Deutsch / English)

High Tech Industry: September was a great month for ELBIT (Israel)

The month of September was undoubtedly an excellent business month for ELBIT, one of the leading high technology company in Israel engaged in a wide range of defense, homeland security and commercial programs throughout the world. Based on the latest press releases from ELBIT, ELBIT has gained an order volume of 215 Million USD. The … Continue reading High Tech Industry: September was a great month for ELBIT (Israel)


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More than 2,000 articles on Business, Innovation and Sustainability from/in Israel

More than 2,000 bilingual (English/German) articles, interviews and commentaries on business, economy, strategy, innovation, philosophy&artificial intelligence and sustainability in and from Israel and the situation in EU-Europe with reference to Israel await you on this blog ‘VonNaftali’. All contributions published before 1st of Decembre 2021 were published on GLOCALIST. Israel’s development in terms of economy and innovation is thus documented and accompanied to some extent. The blog ‘VonNaftali’ is still a beta version with a few hiccups.

Mehr als 2.000 Artikel über Israel zu Wirtschaft, Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit

Mehr als 2.000 bilinguale (Englisch/Deutsch) Beiträge, Interviews und Kommentare zu Unternehmen, Wirtschaft, Strategie, Innovation, Philosophie&Artificial Intelligence und Nachhaltigkeit in und aus Israel und die Verhältnisse in EU-Europa mit Bezug zu Israel erwarten Sie auf diesem Blog ‘VonNaftali’. Alle Beiträge vor dem 1. Dezember 2021 wurden schon einmal auf GLOCALIST publiziert und reichen zurück bis in das Jahr 2018. Die Entwicklung Israels in Sachen Wirtschaft und Innovation wird so ein Stück dokumentiert und begleitet. ‘VonNaftali’ ist noch eine Beta-Version mit einigen Hoppalas.

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