Abraham Accords: Abu Dhabi and Sustainable Aquaculture- D/E

In future one the production facilities in Poland, Japan, USA and France of one of the largest companies for sustainable aquaculture should be managed from Abu Dhabi and an academy for aquaculture will be implemented in Abu Dhabi.

Pure Salmon, a globa...

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“Green Data”: US-Israeli Company ‘WEKA’ raised $135 Million – D/E

"WEKA is the only data management provider that delivers a software-based solution that supports next-generation workloads with uncompromising speed, scale, simplicity, sustainability, and seamless data portability.

WekaIO (WEKA), the global data plat...

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Israel feeds the World: Israel builds the largest non-animal milk production in Denmark.

food milk liquid drip

"Following the close of $120 million in Series B funding, Remilk, the food-tech innovator reimagining dairy, announced it will build the world's largest full-scale precision fermentation facility on more than 750,000 square feet of newly acquired land wi...

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Israel promotes Sustainability – Bar-Ilan University launches 2 huge projects on Sustainability.

climate light city nature

The Bar-Ilan University (Ramat Gan/Israel) seeks to hammer out its strategy to become the leading university campus for sustainability in Israel; both research and education.

Two "projects" underpin this claim and have been launched last week: A 'Mul...

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Israel: The First Crowd-Cleaning Platform of the World: CleanCoin // Die weltweit erste Crowd-Cleaning Plattform der Welt: CleanCoin

Müll ist schnell gemacht und bleibt gerne auf der Straße liegen. Seine Entsorgung ist komplex und teuer. Es braucht keiner epischen Beschreibungen, was das Problem ist. Jeder kennt es.

Das Startup CleanCoin aus Israel hat eine einfache wie ansprechen...

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