BLACK FRIDAY ‘VonNaftali’ – Your LIFETIME Subscription for $29,90,-

BLACK FRIDAY ACTION (valid till 30.11.2022): Your LIFETIME subscription for just $29,90,- Pay once and get LIFETIME access to the bilingual (Deutsch/English) Online-Daily 'VonNaftali' on Business&more of ISRAEL&ABRAHAM ACCORDS and our archive of 2.300 articles. BLACK FRIDAY ACTION (gültig bis 30.11.2022): Ihr LEBENSLANGES Abonnement für nur $29,90,- Zahlen Sie einmalig $29,90;- und erhalten Sie LEBENSLANGEN … Continue reading BLACK FRIDAY ‘VonNaftali’ – Your LIFETIME Subscription for $29,90,-

Study: Poor&invisible Citizen. Exploding Living Costs, No Security and A Lot of Promises by Politics – D/E

The situation for the so-called "average" citizen is more and more deteriorating. They are heavily in debt. The money is less and less not enough at the end of the month.

A most recent study by Meitav based on a Central Bureau of Statistics surveys pa...

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Abraham Accords: Former Chancellor of Austria KURZ To Honorary Advisory Council of AAPI – D/E

"Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz joins Senator Joe Lieberman, Mr. Haim Saban, Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba (UAE), Ambassador Abdullah Al Khalifa (BAH), Ambassador Michael Herzog (ISR), Her Highness Princess Lalla Joumala (MOR), The Honorable Jared Kushne...

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Twitter You Got A Letter: From Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur: Yes, Elon. Sign In. Commentary by Naftali Hirschl

The 'ADOPT IHRA Coalition' is an umbrella group of more than 180 NGOs from around the world, as they state on their website.

Most recently, the coalition has published a letter of support for IHRA by hundreds of academics and called on Facebook to ado...

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Foodwaste in Israel: 21,3 Billion NIS Loss. Israel last place of 18th OECD States

The 7th Annual Food Waste and Rescue Report of LEKET examines in depth, with the help of globally accepted measurement tools, the governmental steps in OECD countries to implement policy tools to reduce food waste.

While the government ministries for...

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Wie Israels Wahl die ’Midterm’-Wahlen in den USA beeinflusst. Ein Kommentar von DOUGLAS ALTABEF (Im Tirtzu)

Israel hat dem Westen gerade gezeigt, dass seine Bürger ohne Zweifel in der Lage sind, sich klar und unzweideutig auszudrücken. Das ist die eigentliche Botschaft, die in den USA angenommen und verinnerlicht werden sollte.

Es ist schwer, die Bedeutung ...

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