Research of Talent and Senior Experts from Israel for IT, CODE&more. We help you to find your talents and senior expert workforce from Israel in IT in cooperation with a major European headhunter company. We have already a pool of about 500 talents and experts from Israel. All the legal will be done by our … Continue reading IT-TALENT AND SENIOR EXPERTS RESEARCH

Handbook of German Business Organizations and Personalities.

Obtain a personalized, exclusivehandbook of German Business Organizations and Personalities. Exklusive means, just 3 exemplars are produced and each is sold exclusively to one of three branches: Business, NGO&Foundations, and Government. Personalization means you can decide to get one additional background article about one of the 16teen German federal states (Bundesländer) of your choice. The … Continue reading Handbook of German Business Organizations and Personalities.

Israeli High-Tech Company in the Group of Champions: 10 most Innovative Cyber Security Companies

Cybersecurity from Israel is a global leader and is regularly found in the top 10 rankings.This ranking is not a ranking as such, but rather highlights the 10 most innovative companies in the cybersecurity industry. The companies mentioned...

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