#IsraelGroundbreakingAgain: First Satellite Observatory for Quantum Communication

Tel Aviv University establishes the first satellite observatory for quantum optical communication. So the next step to quantum supremacy is taken.

The Center for Quantum Science and Technology at Tel Aviv University has built the first ...

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#IsraelFeedsTheWorld: Technion is Leading the FoodTech Revolution with Sustainable Protein – D/E

Addressing global challenges of climate change, human health, and nutrition, the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology recently announced the establishment of a world-class multidisciplinary research center for sustainable protein. Isr...

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Technion (Israel) first-ever: Observation of ‘Cherenkov Radiation’. Another next step to Israeli Quantum Supremacy

It may sound unwieldy, but the Technion's first-ever experimental demonstration of a 2D interaction of the 'Cherenkov Radiation' is an important milestone in the development of the quantum computer. The next Nobel Prize goes to the Technio...

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