Islamists take over the Streets of Hamburg (Germany). What does it mean for Israel?

After Berlin, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with around 1.9 million inhabitants, has the second largest GDP of the cities in Germany with around 120,000 million euros and Hamburg has the second highest number of companies in its borders with around 120,000 companies.

These are consistently very successful companies and not so much the Kiosk’ next door, which is more typical of Berlin’s economic structure. Hamburg is the political home and backyard of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Hamburg also has a peculiar effect on the Chancellor: he seems to have forgotten almost everything he did in Hamburg.

Hamburg can come up with numerous superlatives: Hamburg is the largest seaport in Germany and the third largest in Europe, which is currently to be sold to the communist dictatorship of China. Many see this as a very bad idea, as a sell-out to another dictatorship – Russia – is proving to be a deadly mistake, but that is different topoi.

Hamburg is important, maybe more important than Berlin. Why: Hamburg is much more the intellectual headquarters of extremists than Berlin: Communists, Antifa, and Islamists, name it, you will find it.

With the Islamic Center Hamburg, the Islamist terror regime of Iran has its control center for Europe in Hamburg. And a very successful one, as it appears: Germany has been the largest European trading partner of the Islamist terror regime for years till today (2022).

In Hamburg, the Greens and the SPD can be seen as the protective powers of the IZH, even though the Greens publicly pulled the ripcord in November last year. However, you can’t really trust this break between the political establishment and the IZH.

The ‘Jüdische Allgemeine’, the weekly newspaper of the ‘Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland K.d.ö.R’, wrote as a headline: “The Islamic Center is an immense danger for Jews

The Islamic Community of Shiite Communities in Germany (IGS) is opposed to the closure of the IZH. It is regarded by the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution as an extended arm of the mullah regime in Europe.

4th of February

And now this weekend a power demonstration took place, this time from a radical Sunni side. On Saturday, February 4th a hate and hate speech by Islamists that is unique in Germany took place in the middle of Hamburg. The largest German daily newspaper – BILD – describes this rally as a “demonstration of power by the radicals”, which it was in fact.

On Saturday, 3,500 people followed the call from ‘Muslim Interactive’ to Hamburg. The German Office for the Protection of the Constitution sees ‘Muslim Interactive’ as a group whose ideology leads to the abolition of democracy.

BILD quotes the Islamism expert Mina Ahadi, who warns: “There are too many Islamists in Germany who work very effectively. Such gatherings are dangerous.” And herein lies the danger to Israel.

Not only are the streets dangerous for Jews – in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Duisburg, and Munich – but Islamists are taking more and more influence through their “proxies” – the Greens, the Left Party, and the SPD as well as anti-Semitic evangelical circles in the CDU – on German politics: It’s a mixture of fear, aversion to conflict and greed – because of course Germany likes to do good business with Qatar and Iran. – that thrives and drives Germany.

And here, too, you have to see that Qatar can, and probably does, exert immense influence on the German economy through its state funds – Qatar is a major stakeholder of SIEMENS, VW, Deutsche Bank, or RWE – and thus also to politics.

This is how it happens that Germany appears as the most effective advocate and financier of Palestinian terrorist organizations and interests – such as the PA, Fatah, whose youth organization the Young Socialists (Jusos) of the SPD consider to be allies, or Hezbollah or Hamas – in Europe to the detriment of the State of Israel.

All in all, the funds are considerable, running up to billions of euros. Such demonstrations of power as in Hamburg are a clear reminder to Germany’s political and economic echelon of who is holding the levers of power too. Not only the elected ones but the Islamists too. And Germany’s elite like the Islamists. Why? This needs a deep understanding of and a long essay about German politics and culture.

What does it mean for Israel?

Israel is therefore well advised to look very deeply into the German Echelon and to watch the extremists acting in Germany very closely and to gather knowledge. Today, Germany is a safe haven for Islamists of all shades.

Unfortunately, Israel has a weak point here, because one thing is clear: one cannot rely on the findings of the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the numerous German secret services. And friendly diplomatic gestures and cheerings to Israel are cheap and mean nothing.

Remember as Abu Mazen denied the Holocaust in front of the sitting Chancellor of Germany. What happened afterward? Scholz was silent, as usual, and gave the PA about 360 million Euros. Lesson learned?!

Large parts of the German bureaucracy reliably obstruct Israel and reliably protect Islamic circles and states. Israel needs to regain competence over the situation in Germany. The alarm bells in Israel must have been ringing since yesterday at the latest.

Islamists – having successfully established themselves in the centers of power in politics, bureaucracy, universities, media, and business – have now taken over the streets. And yes, societies like ‘Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft’ are no friends anymore. Behind the curtain they diatribe against Israel. The left as the dominant political stream in Germany submitted to the Islamists.

Islamists – from the Shia to the Muslim Brotherhood to jihadists – have a clear strategy. Germany does not want to understand this due to opportunistic reasons. Germany plays the naive one and denounces such critique as a ‘conspiracy theory’.

And Israel does not understand that the fact – the very existence of an islamist strategy – Germany is unwilling to understand. Germany is pretending the naive one to play on both sides to secure its economic interests and to serve the dominant antisemitic setting and sentiments in Germany through all political preferences and socio-cultural milieus.

Israel once had a high level of competence over German conditions – immediately after the founding of the state and into the early 1960s, but then this competence was lost. There are many reasons why this competence was lost in Israel, but that’s another topic.

Today Germany has once again become a threat to Israel. Now is the time to develop new skills. The understanding of the manner of German lying and German hypocrisy has been lost. This knowledge must be built up again. The official diaspora will not be of much help, but rather those who have made or will make Aliyah. They understand Germany and the German language, culture, and more right down to its deep patterns. Israel should take advantage of that.

Another closely related issue is the weakness of the State of Israel’s diplomatic and communicative defense (crisis PR etc.) of Israel. The IDF prepares each of its steps meticulously and rehearses the emergency again and again. On the diplomatic and communicative side, this preparation is missing or hardly noticeable.

This regularly leaves the international narrative in the hands of Israel’s enemies, who invest billions in the communications war. In this way, they win the information war and dramatically restrict the State of Israel’s ability to act and its options. The Zionist diaspora and a handful of independent NGOs are without resources to speak of. This partner is completely neglected and ignored.

What both – intelligence and communication – fields have in common is that they are counted among the so-called “soft matters” and are therefore quickly neglected and not taken seriously. But the struggle for the right to exist will be decided at least as much on the various communicative battlefields that Israel has neglected for decades.

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