‘Israel Aerospace Industries’ Develops Hand-launched Missile – D/E

IAI has unveiled its POINT BLANK electro-optically guided missile, that can be carried in a soldier’s backpack. The system answers the battlefield requirement to provide tactical units ranging in size from small tactical teams to battalion...

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Tu BiShvat: ‘Arbor Day Foundation’, ‘Jewish National Fund-USA’ Partner to Grow Forests in Israel

What to say, can there be better news on Tu BiShvat than announcing a partnership to plant forests in Israel? Hardly likely.

The Arbor Day Foundation has helped plant trees in more than 50 countries globally, but a new partnership with ...

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#TheMarketsTrustBibi: Israeli Company got Huge Contract for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul for A Global Air Carrier

The daily business news contradicting the left's lie that investors and internaltional, global companies are avoiding Israel and Israeli companies. On the contrary: More and more companies sign huge service contracts. Obviously they trust ...

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National Security Minister MK Ben Gvir: “There is no other country in the world where the chief of police is subordinate to himself” – D/E

Step by step, reform by reform, the State of Israel is being made more democratic. The state's self-recruitment and self-empowerment, almost without control, is coming to an end. Another important intermediate step: the police chief will r...

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Abraham Accords: Bahrain and Israel seek to gear up Economic Ties. A Major Problem of Israel becomes visible – D/E

It is true: Bahrain is a member of the Abraham Accords "Club", but the economic progress is by far not as impressive as with UAE. So, both states have to step up more for the sake of peace and stability in the region they share.

For Nov...

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