Poll: Can Philosophy unlock the Potential of Artificial Intelligence? A Small Call for Action.

Two small surveys were conducted in January of this year on LinkedIn and Twitter by this blog ‘VonNaftali’.

The questions were very simple. To a large extent, the question was based on the thesis of Prof. Dr. David Deutsch, who believes that philosophy can unleash the potential of AI.

In total, there were not many participants in the two surveys, but the participants were highly qualified. In this respect, these two surveys cannot be considered representative.

However, the surveys give a good indication of how a possible role for philosophy is perceived among experts.

For this purpose, a link to an article on this blog on the question of ‘Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence‘ was provided. There was thus a perceived common, however undefined, basic understanding.

The participants, while maintaining their anonymity, were all senior employees, founders , managing directors or directors of leading institutions, companies and institutes that deal with artificial intelligence. Only about 10% could be described as interested laypersons. A total of 51 people took part.

The main trend of the survey is that a majority of 72.8% (Twitter) and 65% (LinkendIn) think that ‘Yes’, philosophy can play a special role in the development of artificial intelligence. And this is with the exception of ethics. Ethics is seen as a kind of couperto and was excluded in the question sample.

Poll on Twitter

Strictly no positive contribution is seen by 18.2% (Twitter) and 15% (LinkedIn). The Twitter survey is more optimistic, albeit more polarised, than the LinkedIn survey.

Poll on LinkedIn

In sum, further steps to substantiate the topic of ‘philosophy and AI’ – besides ethics; here we have a broad consensus of the community that ethics is important – on epistemological or ontological layers or totally new horizon/base may find acceptance. And are necessary.

Therefore, the next step is to formulate a daring deep-research project to unfold the potential as a synergy of philosophy and artificial intelligence apart from ethical questions in the development of artificial intelligence.

To match this, both artificial intelligence and philosophy need disruption. Experts have been talking about AI for about 80 years, but progress has been slow and philosophy is a sleeping beauty. Time to disrupt both.

Perhaps it’s time to strike out on new paths. Because one fact is also obvious and on the table: Artificial intelligence has a destructive potential that no longer can be ignored and no wishfull thinking and nice declarations will blow away this threat. Philosophy seems to have some remedies; perhaps. For that reason, we have to go down the rabbit hole and down in the basements to do some though, exhausting and dirty work.

Philosophy may develop a new approach for an artificial intelligence on a whole new base and fundament which at the end do not threat mankind with extinction. New fundamentals are required.

Interested parties should contact: vonnaftali@gmail.com