Skyline AI (Israel) rocks Real Estate Market: Real Estate Investment powered by Artificial Intelligence

Skyline AI, a real estate investment technology company (estb. 2017) using advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence and data science to outperform commercial real estate investment benchmarks, announced today that it has raised $18 Million in a Series A Round. Led by Sequoia Capital and TLV Partners with participation from JLL Spark, a division of JLL (NYSE: JLL), and others, the strategic round enables Skyline to expand platform integration to include additional asset classes and further cooperation with the leading commercial real estate investment firms in the US. Closed just four months after announcing $3M in seed funding, the Series A Round brings Skyline AI’s total funding to $21 Million. Other participants in the round include NYCA Partners, Arbor Ventures and iAngels.

Skyline AI’s proprietary artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform is introducing advanced, supervised and unsupervised learning models into the entire commercial real estate acquisition and ownership process. The platform utilizes the largest data pool in the industry to predict the value and future behavior of any institutional-grade asset in the US. Skyline AI uses its technological advantage to detect and exploit market anomalies, identify superior risk-reward investments, and discover untapped value creation opportunities. The Skyline AI platform also provides continuous market data analysis and information during the entire ownership period.

“Commercial real estate is coming out of the dark ages when it comes to technology,” said Guy Zipori, Co-Founder and CEO of Skyline AI. “We developed a platform that injects advanced AI directly into the core of the acquisition and ownership process, leveraging the largest data set in the industry to predict the performance of any asset in the US. We provide our partners and investors with cutting edge asset analysis in the shortest amount of time, adding value to any commercial real estate investment, on or off the market.”

Skyline AI uses the most comprehensive data set in the industry, mining data from over 130 different sources, analyzing over 10,000 different attributes on each asset for the last 50 years. Powered by natural language processing and high performance data infrastructure, all data is compiled into one large “data lake,” and then cross-validated to make sure the data used is accurate. This enables Skyline AI to provide, within seconds, a deep assessment and the most accurate actionable predictions about any asset in the United States.

Skyline AI was founded by four serial tech entrepreneurs who once again joined forces after successfully exiting together several AI-driven startup ventures that transformed industries including security, healthcare and online video. The co-founders are: Guy Zipori (CEO), Or Hiltch (CTO), Iri Amirav (CRO) and Amir Leitersdorf (Executive Chairman).

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