Israel: First Venture Capital Fund for Sheba Medical Center

This is the first time a government-owned hospital has received permission from Israel’s Ministry of Health to create a venture capital effort in order to fund its start-up innovation activities.

Imagine a future where hospitals deploy virtual nurses to greet patients, doctors perform complex surgical procedures using robotics, outpatients are empowered to maintain a healthy regimen by using smartphones and wearables to monitor their activities and digital tele-medicine capabilities provide CAT scans and MRIs from afar in times of medical need.

TriVentures is a venture capital fund investing in medical devices and transformational health, spanning from life sciences to lifestyle. With $130 million dollars under management to date, the fund invests in data driven innovations in genomics, cyber security for healthcare, e-commerce health services, wellness, robotics, decision support, and disruptive medical devices and diagnostics.

The ARC Center (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate), is a one-of-a-kind platform bringing together startups with novel healthcare solutions, academia, patient data, industry players and investors. This is the first time a government owned hospital has joined with a hedge fund to invest in cutting edge technologies that will “disrupt” and change the future of medical care in the 21st century. “Today, you can’t be a leading doctor in your field if you don’t invest time in research and innovation.

The ARC (Accelerate Redesign Collaborate) Innovation Center, led by Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Innovation Officer and Dr. Nathalie Bloch, the Center’s Director, aims to bring new technologies into the hospital and community ecosystem in order to further improve patient care. It will allow seamless integration between innovators, scientists, startups, high-level developers, large corporate companies, investors, and academia-all under one roof. The ARC Innovation Center will focus on digital health technologies including precision medicine, big data and predictive analytics, telemedicine and mobile health.

Leveraging this important industry dynamic, TriVentures ARC is targeting a $40 million fund dedicated to seed investments in data-driven transformational health solutions in areas such as personalized healthcare, accessibility and the “virtual hospital”, big data and artificial intelligence, smart medical devices, lifestyle, operation management and cyber security for healthcare. Nearly two dozen start-ups have already joined ARC Innovation Center’s platform, with some already generating headlines with their game-changing technologies.

Since its inception, Sheba Medical Center has been a critical hub for basic and applied medical research. Today, one-quarter of all clinical trials in Israel are conducted at Sheba, focusing on the development of novel drugs, new medical technologies and cutting edge health innovation. In pursuit of health innovation, through the ARC platform, Sheba has also fomented strategic partnerships with global stakeholders such as Google, Novartis, Janssen, Philips and Deloitte.


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