The Daily ‘3 HOT NEWS’ on Business & Innovation from Israel: Cybersecurity, Stock Exchange and Defense Industry

Three selected news about business and innovation from Israel. Today the three fields are: Cybersecurity, Stock Exchange and Defense. Selected and brought daily to you by Naftali – doing business and searching for innovation for 40 years.

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CYBERSECURITY > Purple Cloud Summit

Lightspin, the next-generation cloud security platform, and Perimeter 81, the rapidly-growing Zero Trust Network Access leader, today announced the speaker list and agenda for the first Purple Cloud Summit. On Wednesday, June 8 at The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco as well as livestreamed virtually on Lightspin’s YouTube Channel, the Purple Cloud Summit and Lounge event will bring together cloud security experts, CISOs, DevOps and security leaders to discuss methods and strategies for building, securing and defending cloud environments. The event is also sponsored by Votiro, the API-first Content Disarm and Reconstruction-as-a-Service (CDRaaS).

According to Check Point’s 2022 Cloud Security Report, 27% of organizations have experienced a security incident in their public cloud infrastructure within the last 12 months. Of these, nearly a quarter (23%) were caused by security misconfigurations in cloud infrastructure.


TASE Continues to Upgrade the Israeli Capital Market and Align It with International Standards Bond indices will be Updated once a month instead of semi-annually, this in line with common practices applied to international standards and with the TASE’s methodology for equity indices. (…) The bond indices are traded on TASE as part of the real time trading, similarly to equities, whereas on international exchanges the bond indices are traded off-exchange, in OTC format. The trading method applied at TASE offers a significant advantage, as it enables the public transparent and real time trading of bond indices in Israel. TASE’s bond indices comprise of 45 indices with a record volume of managed assets of NIS 50 billion.

DEFENSE > The Edge of Tomorrow

“The Edge of Tomorrow” is a project focused on the development of cutting-edge technologies to improve a range of mission capabilities including lethality, situational awareness, survivability, stamina, cognitive load, enemy exposure, performance analysis and simulation, command and control, and more among combat soldiers in the IDF’s Infantry Corps. The project aims to strengthen the synergy between individual soldiers and their teams through the adoption of the Soldier as System (SAS) and the Platoon as System (PAS) approaches.

“The Edge of Tomorrow” project incorporates networked warfare technologies including communications for the soldier and team level as well as TORCH-X-based applications for team and platoon levels. The various technologies include augmented reality goggles, a computerized assault rifle system, a digital head-mounted display system, hostile fire detection technology, a location-tracking system in GPS denied environments, tactile sleeves for navigation and command transmittance, and a voice command system (similar to systems used on smartphones).

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