The Daily ‘3 HOT NEWS’ on Business & Innovation from Israel: Agro-Tech&AI, ClimateChange and Future HighTech

Three selected news about business and innovation from Israel. Today the three fields are: Agro-Tech&Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change&Sustainability and Future HighTech Israel. Selected and brought daily to you by Naftali – doing business and searching for innovation for 40 years.

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Seed-X (Magshimim), an innovative AI-driven Agtech company, and Advanta Seeds, a UPL group company, are joining forces to apply new technology in seed processing. The collaboration between the global seed company and the Israeli Agtech startup aims to set a new standard in seed lot quality by disrupting the conventional seed processing. Seed-X’s unique GeNee™ technology merges proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to facilitate non-destructive, seed-by-seed classification that leverages comprehensive seed image data to predict unaddressed quality attributes such as germination and physical and genetic purity. Seed-X’s software is embedded in the GeNee™ Sorter – the first sorting machine that facilitates seed segmentation powered by Seed-X’s GeNee™ technology.


Michael Sonnenfeldt and Katja Goldman announced a $20 million donation to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s new School of Sustainability and Climate Change, which will be inaugurated at the 52nd Annual Board of Governors Meeting next week. The school will be renamed The Goldman Sonnenfeldt School of Sustainability and Climate Change. As a platform, the Goldman Sonnenfeldt School of Sustainability and Climate Change will enable the seamless integration of novel approaches to education, research, and outreach as the world’s environmental needs evolve in the decades to come.

FUTURE HIGH-TECH ISRAEL > Israel Innovation Authority

Tel Aviv is the center of Israeli high-tech, Beersheba the fastest growing city and Petah Tikva the fastest shrinking.

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Dror Bin, director general of the Innovation Authority, said following the report that the success of Israeli high-tech obscures the challenges it faces in the future. “Continued prosperity is at risk due to over-centralization in the industry, geographical and demographic, and due to low government investment in groundbreaking R&D at high risk compared to competing countries. Without a targeted and large-scale government effort, the State of Israel will find it difficult to maintain its leadership. In the long term, a guiding hand is required, which accelerates and connects all players in the industry. Therefore, as part of the Innovation Authority’s strategic plan, we will continue, inter alia, to work to strengthen the connection between the public sector and the Israeli high-tech industry and to promote joint “sandboxes” for experimenting with new technologies.”

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