Data are not neutral: The nature of the experiment determines its result. Consequences for Artificial Intelligence: End ‘Data Naivity’ and the Philosopher’s role (D/E)

photograph of a brain on a blue surface

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Seit dem berühmten Experiment von Schrödinger und seiner Katze weiß man, dass Daten, ja die Wirklichkeit durch den Beobachter mitbestimmt wird, manche meinen erst geschaffen.

Seither hat sich auf vielen Feldern...

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Israel steps into the age of Quantum Computing // Israel tritt in das Zeitalter des Quantencomputers ein.

Space Station View of Noctilucent Clouds

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Roee Ozeri of the 'Weizmann Institute of Science' has succeeded in leading Israel into the age of quantum computing.

Globally, there are now 30 quantum computers, one of which is located in Israel. Connoisseurs...

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Technion (Israel) Study on Marketing&Artificial Intelligence. Heart is the Trump-Card. AI is not enough // Studie Technion (Israel) zu Marketing&Artificial Intelligence. Herz ist Trumpf. AI ist nicht genug.

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A recent study by the Technion (Israel) shows what some have already suspected. If all the homework is done, then the emotion, the so-called "warmth", the heart decides and can more than compensate for many a competitive disadvantage, miss...

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