Stock Exchange TLV, Strauss Group and New Unicorn. DAILY SHORT NEWS on Business, Innovation and Sustainabilty from Israel

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Three selected news about business, innovation and sustainability from Israel. Today the three fields are: Stock Exchange TLV, Strauss Group, New Unicorn.

Selected and brought to you by Naftali - doing business and searching for innova...

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Quantum Computing: IQM Quantum Computers (Finland), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) and Bar-Ilan University (Israel) start research co-operation

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Now that Israel is in the "Quantum Computing Club", the next step of the Israeli Eco-System in quantum computing follows quickly.

The 'Hebrew University of Jerusalem' and the 'Bar-Ilan University' start togeth...

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Israel steps into the age of Quantum Computing // Israel tritt in das Zeitalter des Quantencomputers ein.

Space Station View of Noctilucent Clouds

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Roee Ozeri of the 'Weizmann Institute of Science' has succeeded in leading Israel into the age of quantum computing.

Globally, there are now 30 quantum computers, one of which is located in Israel. Connoisseurs...

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