Daily Short News on Business, Innovation&Sustainability from Israel: Treatment of HIV, Reducing Airpollution by AI and Airbattery: Energy Store System

Three selected news about business, innovation and sustainability from Israel. Today the three fields are: Innovation: Treatment by Vaccination against HIV, Sustainability: Reducing Airpollution of Traffic by AI, Business: Co-operation for Power&Sustainability

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Innovation: Treatment by Vaccination against HIV > Tel Aviv University

A new study from Tel Aviv University offers a new and unique treatment for AIDS which may be developed into a vaccine or a one time treatment for patients with HIV. The study examined the engineering of type B white blood cells in the patient’s body so as to secrete anti-HIV antibodies in response to the virus. The study was led by Dr. Adi Barzel and the PhD student Alessio Nehmad, both from the school of neurobiology, biochemistry and biophysics at the George S. Wise faculty of life sciences and the Dotan Center for Advanced Therapies in collaboration with the Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov). The study was conducted in collaboration with additional researchers from Israel and the US. The study was published in the prestigious journal Nature.

Over the last two decades, the lives of many AIDS patients have improved as a result of the administration of treatments that change the disease from lethal to chronic. However, we still have a long way to go before a treatment is found that would provide the patients with a permanent cure. One possible way to do it, with a one time injection, was developed for the first time in Dr. Barzel’s laboratory. The technique developed in his lab utilizes type B white blood cells that would be genetically engineered inside the patient’s body to secrete neutralizing antibodies against the HIV virus that causes the disease.

B cells are a type of white blood cells responsible for generating antibodies against viruses, bacteria and more. B cells are formed in bone marrow. When they mature, B cells move into the blood and lymphatic system and from there to the different body parts.

Sustainability: Reducing Airpollution of Traffic by AI > Axilion

Axilion is an Israel AI company which develops and builds tailored digital cities and enables them to reduce air pollution, decrease traffic congestion, streamline public transportation, and increase the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and scooters (micro mobility). The Company provides software-based urban infrastructure and algorithms for outdated traffic light systems, and gives them the ability to “communicate” in order to create green wave traffic along city routes, prioritize public transportation at traffic lights, and develop an AI-based infrastructure to manage traffic lights as a dynamic, synchronized, and adapted network which regulates traffic to the variety of means of transportation in the city, including connected and autonomous vehicles.

Axilion (TASE: AILN) today announces that it has successfully completed a pilot conducted by the Company along Rabin Blvd. in Jerusalem, using the X Way Twin system. With the completion of the pilot, the Company presented representatives of the City of Jerusalem with a comprehensive calibrated simulation of the programs of traffic lights along Rabin Blvd. in Jerusalem in the morning hours, while demonstrating a significant real-time reduction in traffic congestion and emission of pollutants.

Business: Co-operation for Power&Sustainability > Augwind and Voith Hydro

Augwind (TASE: AUGN) today announces that it has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Voith Hydro (part of Voith Group), a global technology group with operations in over 60 countries worldwide, 20,000 employees, and a sales turnover of around €4.3 billion. Voith Hydro is considered one of the world’s leading and most experienced companies in the fields of hydropower plants and pumped storage.

Under the agreement, Voith and Augwind will collaborate in the development of designated systems and equipment, including turbines, water pumps and power systems, for integration into Augwind’s AirBattery energy storage system. In the company’s estimation, development of the systems and their integration into the AirBattery storage systems are expected to support the company’s roadmap for bringing the system to the required performance levels, including a high level of energy efficiency. According to the agreement, Augwind will have the exclusive right to integrate these components into the AirBattery systems it builds and sells.

The three-year collaboration framework with Voith is the first step towards the implementation of the company’s new strategy, and part of the roadmap that it has outlined for reaching the performance targets of the AirBattery system, making it a competitive option for energy storage clients.

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