Voices on 2 Years of Abraham Accord

On the 13th of August 2020 former US President Donald Trump announced the ‘Abraham Accords (AA). An agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to fully normalize relations. On the 15th of September 2020 the leaders of the UAE and Israel formally signed the historic accords at the White House.

As the spirit of Abraham spread, the Abraham Accords are spreading: Bahrain, Kosov, Sudan, and Morocco. Under the umbrella of the USA state after state is following.

The Abraham Accords show a vision beyond just peace between Israel and the Arab-Muslim world. The spirit of the Abraham Accords can be a blueprint for the world.

The spirit of the Abraham Accords in a nutshell can be described: Warm peace, economic prosperity, religious tolerance, and national stability.

The Abraham Accords have the potential to connect the three major eco-systems as a bond, a string of innovation and business for the sake of freedom and peace: Silicon Wadi, Silicon Valley and Blue Banana; today’s modern, digital “silk road” for the sake of freedom and peace.

The Abraham Accords have the strategic momentum to be a modern-day answer to the “silk road” of the communist-autocratic regime of China.

So far more than 150 national treaties and MoU were signed between Israel and UAE, and the trade increased by about 66%. A new economic region is on the way.

Voices on 2 Years ‘Abraham Accords’

The official voices from the state chancellery should not be the focus here, but the organizations and NGOs. One could perhaps say a little vaguely, the ‘civil society’ – in a broad sense – around the Abraham Accords.

Basically these organizations are cum grano salis focused on the relationship between Israel and the UAE. However, more is on the way, like a social media and news-outlet – which is according to a recent poll highly acclaimed by decision makers – for the bond of innovation, business and sustainability in the spirit of the Abraham Accords connecting the three major eco-systems: Silicon Wadi, Silicon Valley and Blue Banana.

UAE-Israel Business Council

The ‘UAE-Israel Business Council’ (UIBC) celebrates ‘2 Years of Abraham Accords’ with a video, which can be seen here on twitter. The Council was initiated by Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem for Foreign Relations, Economic Development, and Tourism at the Municipality of Jerusalem.

The mission&vision of the UIBC in own words: “The UAE-Israel Business Council bridges and fosters commercial relationships between the UAE and Israel. Our members are established companies, startups, investors, funds and professionals with a commitment to doing business across the region.

The key-areas, as the UIBC, write on the website, can be regarded simply all business branches&industries: From technology to tourism all main areas of business are said to stay in focus. The UIBC has also a podcast since November 2020 and published so far 12 podcasts.

Abraham Accords Peace Institute

The Abraham Accords Peace Institute (Washington) endorsed last year a report reviewing the year 2021 which summarizes well the approach and spirit of the Abraham Accords: “The historic Abraham Accords have led to an exciting surge in economic ties between Israel and its new Arab partners, the Accords’ promise goes much deeper than bilateral business deals. The peace agreements have the potential to transform the region, creating a new Middle East corridor of prosperity, stability, and trade. 2022 will be a critical year for realizing this potential. We must focus our time, energy and effort on those actions which serve to liberate the economic potential of the Accords, adopt a strategic approach which utilizes the unique contributions of each member, cut through bureaucratic red-tape, and account for integration with global markets. As the enormous benefits of this win-win regional cooperation become increasingly clear, more countries will likely join the Abraham Accords, thereby creating a virtuous circle of peace and growth.

In a recent interview on ‘2 Years of Abraham Accords’ in the ‘European Jewish Press’ Robert Greenway, President and Executive Director of the Abraham Accords Peace Institute in Washington, opens the wider space and points to the strategical potential of the Abraham Accords as a kind of blueprint, as said above: “The Abraham Accords are an opportunity for our European partners to build a new relationship with the Middle East

Greenway served as Deputy Assistant to former President Trump. He was Senior Director for Middle Eastern and North African Affairs at the ‘National Security Council’ (January 2021).

The Abrahamic Business Circle

‘The Abrahamic Business Circle’ in his own words: “THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE promotes economic diplomacy through investments. The global business networking platform provides its members with a worldwide network of contacts to raise capital, buy and sell companies, locate potential investments, joint-ventures, distribution channels and new clients.”

This broader strategic view seems also to carry ‘The Abrahamic Business Circle’ established by Dr. Raphael Nagel. The vision of the Abraham Accords seems to be celebrated and turned concrete by the ‘Investors’ Round Table’ of ‘The Abrahamic Business Circle’ at the 9th of September in Zurich (Switzerland). However, a special statement is asked for by this blog ‘VonNaftali’ from Naftali Hirschl.


Sharaka may be the youngest of the organizations committed to the spirit of the Abraham Accords. They are also the most diverse in terms of states: from Morocco to the USA, Bahrain, UAE and Israel. They describe the mission and vision as follows: “The Abraham Accords between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain opened the door to a new era of cooperation and friendship. Sharaka, which means ‘partnership’, was founded by young leaders from Israel and the Gulf in order to turn the vision of people-to-people peace into a reality.

They express their appreciation of the first two years of the Abraham Accords with the image below.

Other organizations and initiatives has been invited for their statements on ‘2 Years of Abraham Accords’ like UAE-IL tech zone‘ or the ‘Israel-UAE Investment Club‘.

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