Be’er Sheva: World Zionist Village

The Jewish National Fund-USA is building a world-class campus in Be’er Sheva (Israel) that will for sure revolutionize Zionist and Jewish educational engagement for the decades ahead.

Why Be’er Sheva is easy answered: Over 3,000 years ago Abraham purchased a well in Be’er Sheva, beginning the Jewish people’s connection to the Negev Desert. Thousands of years later, Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, said it was there that the pioneering spirit and valor of the Jewish people would be tested. Today, the Blueprint Negev campaign of the Jewish National Fund-USA is bringing half a million people to the Negev, with Be’er Sheva as the centerpiece.

Now the next step is taken according to the most recent press release. As reported on VonNaftali about 350 Million USD will be invested: “After an extensive selection process, the Executive Committee of Jewish National Fund-USA’s World Zionist Village has engaged New York-based DBI Projects to drive planning for the next stage of the Village’s development.

As the largest philanthropic capital project in the Zionist world, the 20-acre campus will spark a new and all-encompassing global conversation about the future of Zionism (…)

Jewish National Fund-USA’s One Billion Dollar Roadmap for the Next Decade is attracting 800,000 new residents to the Negev and Galilee by creating high “quality of life” opportunities that entice individuals and families to relocate from Israel’s bustling yet crowded central cities to the country’s north and south. (…)

Perfectly aligned with its strategic vision, the World Zionist Village will create thousands of direct and indirect jobs, bring countless tourists from every corner of the globe to Israel, and place the once-sleepy city of Be’er Sheva well and truly on the map.

In addition to its laudable economic development credentials, the Village will achieve something much more profound – reignite a conversation that began over 120 years ago with Theodore Herzl about the future of Zionism and the Jewish People.

From all four corners of the globe, those invested in Israel’s future prosperity will come together under the same roof and celebrate their Zionism while charting a positive course for the movement’s future.

The Village will also serve as the second home for Jewish National Fund-USA’s Alexander Muss High School in Israel; provide an Innovation Center for post-graduates interning in Be’er Sheva-based hi-tech companies; and include a Zionist Adult Education Center.”