Abraham Accords: Former Chancellor of Austria KURZ To Honorary Advisory Council of AAPI – D/E

"Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz joins Senator Joe Lieberman, Mr. Haim Saban, Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba (UAE), Ambassador Abdullah Al Khalifa (BAH), Ambassador Michael Herzog (ISR), Her Highness Princess Lalla Joumala (MOR), The Honorab...

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Abraham Accords: The first Israeli FinTech Company joins the UAE-Innovation programme (ADIO) – D/E

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office Innovation Programme (ADIO) is partnering with the breakthrough FinTech company Liquidity Group. The first Israeli company to join the AED2 billion (US$545 million) programme. ADIO established an office in T...

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India-Israel Startup-Ecosystem: ‘JITO Angel Network’ (India) and ‘OurCrowd’ (Israel) ink co-operation (D/E)

The largest crowdfundingplatform of the world for startups - OurCrowd from Israel founded by Jon Medved (2013), who gave an exklusiv interview to 'VonNaftali' (former GLOCALIST) - and Indias only global community-based angel network - JIT...

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Sustainability: ‘Continue AI’ (Israel) Launches Sustainability Intelligence Platform to build largest database on Sustainability (Deutsch / English)

code projected over woman

Continue AI was 2021 founded by Beeri Amiel, Alon Arad, and Yonatan Maor to harness the power of data and become a strategic compass for sustainability leaders.

The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to synthesize millions of da...

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