Stupid! Design… and Philosophy Matter: Israel Start-ups need more Focus on Design and Holistic.

five assorted color cacti

The insight may come as little surprise that design is critically relevant as a bridge between information, understanding and business success. But design alone is not the answer at all. It's also about philosophy, but more on that later.

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Data are not neutral: The nature of the experiment determines its result. Consequences for Artificial Intelligence: End ‘Data Naivity’ and the Philosopher’s role (D/E)

photograph of a brain on a blue surface

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Seit dem berühmten Experiment von Schrödinger und seiner Katze weiß man, dass Daten, ja die Wirklichkeit durch den Beobachter mitbestimmt wird, manche meinen erst geschaffen.

Seither hat sich auf vielen Feldern...

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