Israeli Deep-tech Food Company boosts Research&Development – D/E

Deep-food tech companies from Israel are booming. There are already big names from Israel like Aleph Farms or Redefine Meat. A third company joined. Learn more about the next chance of growth for your company on 'VonNaftali' by subscribing for $29,90. De...

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Investment: Akeyless (Israel) raises $65M and performed 350% growth in revenue over the past year – D/E

Akeyless, the leading SaaS-based Secrets Management Platform for securing DevOps and IT workloads within hybrid and multi-cloud environments, today announced $65 million in series B funding, bringing the total funding to date to $80 million.

Akeyless ...

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Abraham Accords: OurCrowd (Israel) expands Abu Dhabi and launches global AI hub – D/E

"OurCrowd, Israel’s most active venture firm, is to significantly expand its Abu Dhabi operations with a new venture capital (VC) office and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech hub enabled by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO)", explains founder and CE...

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Israel Feeds the World: AKOlogic (Israel) Tracking the Food Chain with AI (D/E)

Straight from the Negev (Israel) the start-up 'AKOlogic' (est. 2019; Sha'ar) seeks to disrupt the tracking of food by deploying artificial intelligence (AI). The claim minted by CEO Ron Shani is: All crop data in one click!

In own words by AKOlogic: "...

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India-Israel Startup-Ecosystem: ‘JITO Angel Network’ (India) and ‘OurCrowd’ (Israel) ink co-operation (D/E)

The largest crowdfundingplatform of the world for startups - OurCrowd from Israel founded by Jon Medved (2013), who gave an exklusiv interview to 'VonNaftali' (former GLOCALIST) - and Indias only global community-based angel network - JITO Angel Network...

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