The West can overthrow the Islamic Mullahs’ regime of Iran for free: Just brandish your pen and Declare IRGC as a Terrororganization

Every Iranian leader on the democratic side is asking for the same from ‘The West’. No fighting, no soldiers to be sent, no weapons, no money, nor courage. Just isolate the mass murderers, the Mullahs’ regime – collectively and effectively. The European Union and the Biden administration, called ‘The West’, have just to brandish their pens. Declare the Iranian terror organization IRGC officially as a terror organization.

In other words and to repeat the message as simply as possible: It has never been so easy – and cheap – to overthrow the Islamic mullahs’ regime of Iran: The EU under the lead of Berlin and the USA have only to brandish their pens. That’s it. The rest will the people of Iran do: Swiftly, without compromise, and in a few days.

The many leaders of the Revolution in Iran already said, they will have peace with Israel, no financing of terror, and no troops in Arab countries. I mean, what you can ask for more? And that for free. In short, a dividend of peace is possible.

What is the alternative? Not to support and follow the same appeasement path decreed by Berlin and the US-Dems. They do, what Dems always do in front of aggression, violence, and dedicated intention which may cause harm&hurt to them: Appeasement. And as always, this strategy will fail at the cost of the life of others, the resources, and the money of others.

Well, we all know what will happen, if the West follows the pace of appeasement:

First, the people of Iran will farther stand their ground and fight till they succeed. This will cost a lot of life, not only in Iran but also in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. Everybody knows that Iran and Russia are in an alliance, Iran is next to Qatar the largest supporter of islamic terrorism. The war against Russia will prolonge because Iran is now an important supplier of soldiers and weapons for the Russian war against the free world. So, the next the avalanche of costs will continue.

Second, Iran seeks the atomic bomb and is just weeks away. The aim of the anti-semitic Mullahs’ regime is to annihilate Israel. Collateral costs are of no relevance. There are about 7 million Jews living in Israel surrounded by 350 million Muslims. Maybe 10 million Arabs may die after an Iranian nuclear strike. These costs of Muslim life are totally irrelevant to the Mullahs’ regime in Teheran. They die for a noble cause according to the insane conception of this anti-Semitic Mullah regime.

However, our democratically elected government made it very clear today: by any means necessary, Israel will attack aka bomb Iran before Iran gets the nuclear arsenal under his command. The rockets of Iran aim at Jerusalem, Berlin, Paris, London, and Washington. Do not forget: Iran is an ally in the war of Russia against Europe and the USA. So, a third front of massive costs and mayhem is a heartbeat away.

All that lives, bloodshed caused by passive inaction of the so-called lefty liberal aka social-democratic&woke&green West. What exactly is liberal aka social-democratic to appease and support an islamic dictatorship which is spreading terror and suffering over the whole world and kills bestially their own people? What is liberal aka social-democratic to support an Islam which is homophobic, sexist, racistic, and anti-semitic, and hates democracy and freedom?

Be sure: Israel has the means, power, and courage to bomb Iran. Our ‘Never Again’ means ‘Never Again’. Premier Minister Netanyahu said today: “We won’t wait until the sword is on our neck (…)”. And National Security Council chief Tzachi Hanegbi said: “If we are abandoned, Prime Minister Netanyahu will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

So, take the pen, brandish it and sign some papers to completely shut down any space of freedom for the Mullahs’ regime in the West. Send all their kids home, close the embassies, freeze their bank accounts, and put all their institutions&entities – most prominently the terror organization IRGC – on your terror lists. I promise, within three days, the Mullahs’ regime is done. For free. By the people of Iran and with HIS help,

The West now has the alternative: Costly, endless wars with unclear results and the high risks simply to lose, or by shedding some ink on getting peace in the Middle East and a major blow against Russia. A free Iran will not support Russia, islamic terrorists such as Hezbollah, PA, Hamas&Co, and above all be no enemy of Israel.

The window of opportunity is now.

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