Israel promotes Sustainability – Bar-Ilan University launches 2 huge projects on Sustainability.

The Bar-Ilan University (Ramat Gan/Israel) seeks to hammer out its strategy to become the leading university campus for sustainability in Israel; both research and education.

Two “projects” underpin this claim and have been launched last week: A ‘Multidisciplinary School for Sustainability and the Environment’ and a ‘Energy and Sustainability Center‘.

(c) Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University inaugurated the ‘Center for Energy and Sustainability‘ and launched a ‘Multidisciplinary School for Sustainability and the Environment‘ in the presence of Energy Minister Karine Elharrar.

Within the next ten years the Bar-Ilan University will invest hundreds of millions of shekels in research and environmental projects in Israel and around the world, too.

At the launch of the ‘Center for Energy and Sustainability’ Minister of Energy Karine Elharrar said, “As David Ben Gurion put it, security is energy. We need a combination of different types of energy and the crisis in Europe shows that we can’t give up on any of them at the moment. We must lead the world of energy and an institute like the one inaugurated at Bar-Ilan is the place from which results will emerge. I welcome and hope for cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, because the connection between regulators, academia and those in the field is what will march the State of Israel forward.


In the press release the Bar-Ilan University explains: “The Center for Energy and Sustainability includes 55 research groups and will focus on research and development of renewable energy from the early stages to active technologies. In addition, the center will work to cultivate entrepreneurs and researchers who are tomorrow’s potential leaders of the energy industry in Israel.

The research center established on campus will advise, initiate and promote research while building collaborations with industry. Networks, AI, storage, hydrogen, current stability and high voltage are some of the topics that will be researched by Bar-Ilan’s experts. The center employs leading researchers from Israel and abroad, in collaboration with government ministries, entrepreneurs, industrial companies in the fields of science and technology, as well as experts in the fields of regulation, the environment, climate, sustainability and education.”


And about the “School” the Bar-Ilan University says: “Alongside the research center, the Multidisciplinary School for Sustainability and the Environment will be the university’s teaching center and will train the next generation of practitioners in these fields. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of applicants for degrees in environmental-related fields at the various educational institutions.

The Multidisciplinary School for Sustainability and the Environment will unite all of the university’s programs for environmental studies under one roof, initiate and support the development of new programs and majors, and develop innovative teaching methods. In addition, it will run courses taught in a hybrid or online manner open to students from all academic disciplines on campus.”


All in all, a very important step and the focus is well chosen. It remains to be seen whether the results will also arrive in everyday life, because the waste of energy and resources begins with a dilapidated infrastructure that urgently needs to be renovated in Israel.

Important seems to me that the interdisciplinary approach might also include the study of the cultural algorithm for sustainability and philosophy of sustainability so that sustainability will not be hijacked by bad socialist phantasies and corrupt NGOs as it happened in Europe.

Bar-Ilan University is now obviously well equipped to make a major contribution to Israel’s path to sustainability.

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