Bio-Print from Israel – D/E

Researchers at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have developed an innovative technology for growing tissue for transplantation by printing it into a microgel bath as support material.

The research, published in Advanced Science, was led ...

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Abraham Accords: H2Pro (Israel) starts Green Hydrogen Project in Morocco (D/E)

Another success of the Abraham Accords shows that the spirit of the Abraham Accords goes seamlessly hand in hand with sustainability.

The Players

The Moroccan renewable energy developer Gaia Energy signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with t...

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Global Entrepreneurship Ranking of Universities: USA and Israel are League on their own (D/E)

PitchBook delivers each year their various rankings of Universities worldwide and the Tel Aviv University has always a safe place under the Top 10.

This year the Tel Aviv University reached the whooping 7th place in global entrepreneurship ranking. A...

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Artificial Intelligence: If Israel would be part of Europe, the Technion AI Department (Israel) will be the best of Europe (D/E)

view of a city with high rise buildings

In any case, the CSRanking pretends that the Technion in Israel is part of Europe, which is neither politically, geographically nor culturally correct.

But be that as it may, it definitely offers a good comparison of the status quo, and that'...

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Israel & Artificial Intelligence (AI): Co-operation Hebrew University, Technion and IBM to Advance AI

flight technology tools astronaut

The Technion and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have signed a partnership agreement with IBM Research to advance artificial intelligence capabilities and applications in Israel.

In light of the fact that Israel has a severe shortage of people with...

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‘Green’ Hydrogen powered in Israel gains global momentum. And it started in a Kibbutz

field of plants

H2Pro (Ceasarea/Israel) and Doral Energy (Ramat Gan/Israel) announce the signing of a strategic purchase agreement. Doral, as a global renewable energy developer, with 15 GW of renewable assets under development, is planning to execute a large green hydr...

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