Science: Novo Nordisk Foundation establishes fellowships with Weizmann Institute (Israel), Stanford, MIT and Oxford.

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"The Novo Nordisk Foundation is expanding and extending its Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme, thereby enabling ambitious researchers in the natural and technical sciences and life sciences to boost their careers with a r...

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Israel steps into the age of Quantum Computing // Israel tritt in das Zeitalter des Quantencomputers ein.

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Roee Ozeri of the 'Weizmann Institute of Science' has succeeded in leading Israel into the age of quantum computing.

Globally, there are now 30 quantum computers, one of which is located in Israel. Connoisseurs...

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‘TAU Ventures’ of Tel Aviv University raises $50M for its Start-up Fund // ‘TAU Ventures’ der Tel Aviv University sammeln 50 Millionen USD für ihren Start-up Fonds ein

Tel Aviv University (TAU) was recently ranked 8th among the top 10 universities by Pitchbook, is the 5th best address in the world after GENOM when looking for innovation and startups, as reported on Glocalist, and in the famous 'Leiden Ra...

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Israel: ‘Azrieli Institute for Brain and Nerve Sciences’ established by donation of USD 50 million in the presence of President Herzog // ‘Azrieli Institute for Brain and Nerve Sciences’ mit Spende von 50 Millionen USD im Beisein von Präsident Herzog gegründet

Vor dem Hintergrund, dass das Weizmann Institut for Science (Israel) vor wenigen Wochen im berühmten 'Leiden-Ranking' der Universität Leiden unter den globalen Top 10 jener Universitäten gereiht wurde, die die höchste wissenschaftliche Rel...

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